Connecting the Dots

One of the most interesting things about the internet is that it provides so many different ways to “connect the dots”. We can connect the dots through our social graphs. We can connect the dots through search. We can connect the dots through links. The list goes on… And of course one of the earliest ways to connect the dots was and still continues to be through listings.

Of course just because connecting the dots through listings – either straight directory listing, boards (think Craig’s List) or through a variety of curating mechanisms is one of the earliest methods of “connecting the dots” does not mean it is an easy thing to solve.


Thumbtack-LogoAnd a while back I was approached by a new directory listing company – Thumbtack – and here you can read my initial thoughts regarding Thumbtack from back in August 2011, when I first learned of them.

Well it turns out that company that very modestly approached me a few years back has continued to evolve and has continued to make some serious waves in the local service professionals marketplace. They’ve done some interesting things with their listings, with the pricing models, with the design and overall with the approach. Along they way they’ve impressed plenty of local pros and Thumbtack is quickly establishing itself as a premiere destination for individuals looking to hire local service pros. Also, Thumbtack has managed to impress a few others and recently they secured a $12.5 MM investment round from Sequoia Capital – one of the most esteemed venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley. So… yes, this is a company that is going places.

Gadarian Digital Spotlight on Thumbtack

And more recently, in their very modest fashion, Thumbtack approached Gadarian Digital asking us if they could feature our services within their network. We are honored to do so, and we greatly appreciate the very nice recognition and spotlight. So – thank you to everyone at Thumbtack for the very generous spotlight!

Click here to see the Gadarian Digital Spotlight inside of Thumbtack.

We look forward to seeing how Thumbtack continues to evolve over the years to come – we’re confident that they will continue to innovate, to bring great value to the local professional marketplace and most importantly that they will continue to bring added relevance and value to how people “connect the dots”, in particular to the world of services and listings.

For now though we’re simply honored that a company of their size and gravity has elected to spotlight our firm inside of their site. Thanks again to everyone at Thumbtack for the very generous spotlight.