Hi there.  I am very happy to announce that I will be hosting my first online marketing webinar next week.

The format will be Q & A, and you can get the complete details on this page (free online marketing webinar) but if it goes well intend to make this a regular feature.  And much like with my coffee consultations, while the atmosphere might be easy going, don’t for a second think that the responses will be dialed back – I will be providing you with my best answers to YOUR questions.

Also I should say as it is my first I’m hoping for a good turnout, but also I do plan to over deliver (a great reason to come and to come again!) so if you are planning to attend I would suggest you not only register but you also get your questions in early.

And of course for those of you who don’t need the details and want to register I’ve made this nice little button that should get your there even quicker.

[maxbutton id=”3″]

Hope to see you there!