About 10 days ago Facebook announced a major release regarding Pages. As you can imagine, that has been big news for me. Overall I’m very happy with what they’ve done and perhaps I’ll make a separate post about it down the road. But one of the big changes is that much like in your personal profile, with your Facebook Page there is now a strip of photos above your wall. (In case you wan’t to read up on the changes take a look at this post by Mashable.)

In terms of my own approach, I’ve been playing around a bit with the functionality and I’m now ready to start upgrading all my client’s pages which I think will be exciting for them as well as for me.

On my page I’ve decided to really put the new photo space at the top of the wall to work.

If you click on any of those images you’ll also notice that I’ve included links to specific pages on my site. Overall I think that by Facebook allowing these images at the top of the page, the visual appeal has gone up considerably.

I should also mention that Mari Smith has a really nice post on how to do this – just a quick heads up though – the photo ratios she mentions are not exactly right – 970 X 680 can fill out the picture box, but that size picture is too big for the section at the top of your wall.

In any event I hope you get a chance to visit Gadarian Digital on Facebook. Would love to hear your thoughts