Gadarian Digital Coffee Consultations. We sit. We talk. You grow.

How theses one-on-one digital marketing hourly consultations work:

What: An hourly consultation focused on helping you with your digital marketing needs and answering your questions.

Why: Digital marketing is constantly changing. Sometimes sitting down with an expert really can make a big difference.

Where: Either in person or on the phone. Dialogue is mandatory. Coffee is optional.

Who For: “Coffee Consultations” are geared towards business owners and organizational stakeholders looking to find more clarity in their digital marketing efforts.

How Much:$125/hour. All payments are due either before a session or, if in person, payable at the time of meeting.

How These Differ: These sessions are different from standard client work in a few key regards – the biggest being these are highly structured around a digital discovery conversation rather than around rendering services.  Typically the goal for a “Coffee Consultation” is more focused on a participant trying to achieve a specific breakthrough on a strategy or a specific problem they are facing with their digital marketing efforts – it could be around content, productivity or even personnel.

These digital marketing consultation sessions also differ in that typically all the time is spent focused on dialogue rather than on the creation of documents or follow up materials.

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Why continue to spin your wheels? Book a session now and bring some clarity to your digital marketing. It’s your time – we’ll talk about whatever you want, and you’ll get my personal expertise to help you sort through the weeds. 

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Photo by Justin Leibow on Unsplash