Following up on our post Display Your Expertise on Business Blog (if you haven’t yet read this post we strongly recommend reviewing it before starting in with this worksheet) we created this Business Blogging Expertise Worksheet to help provide some guidance and some added direction as you begin to explore his area.

The worksheet explores three distinct aspects of how to develop your blogging expertise strategy by beginning with “wide planning”, then focusing on your competitive market, and finally exploring the process of “deep planning”.

When looking to create business blog posts that feature your expertise it is critical that you take the time to really think through both your words and also how your readers might react to these words.  These are the types of posts that can deliver great value for your business and can also be wonderful opportunities to differentiate your business, but if poorly executed posts intended to showcase expertise can do more harm than good.

Another thing to recognize is that generally speaking these blog posts are going to be among your most time intensive – and that is okay given the potential return that can provide.  Further, as you get further into you blog you will begin to see an additional benefit from your expertise focused posts in that you will likely be linking back to these posts on many different occasions.

Once again here are the worksheet links as both a Google Doc and a Microsoft Word Word.