While Google tends to get the bulk of mindshare when it comes to search, here is a little power tip to help you – use Bing for social media monitoring:


What can I say other than using Bing for social media monitoring and search is very impressive in terms of how well is searches for both Facebook and Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I can use some search operators and get nice results from Google as well, but the results I’ve seen from Bing/social are really strong. So much so that I suggest rather than taking my word for it, you go ahead and take a ride for yourself.

But just in case you are not yet convinced, here is a quick search I did for Lady Gaga (granted, she is pretty popular…) Just check out how many different social search opportunities are presented to you!

In fact I’ve found at times that Bing has actually done a better job of searching on both Twitter and Facebook than either of those companies have done for themselves.

Here is a quick video on how to use Bing to search on Twitter (and yes Microsoft, you guys could do a better job of promoting yourselves – no need to be so shy!) – interesting stuff, but I think they might have buried the headline on this one – not only can you search on Twitter from Bing, but you can also use Bing to send a Tweet!

Video: Search Twitter on Bing

While the purpose of this post was mainly to point out this nice social search opportunity that Bing has provided, yet another to add to the growing arsenal, in terms of uses in addition to monitoring your brand (I’ve found retweets here that never appeared on Twitter) a few other nice uses could be to monitor competitors and also to focus on keyword searches that are relevant to your business and to see how they are doing “socially” either for tracking or even for business development.

So take a long at bing.com/social and let me know what you think.

Image Credit: Tecnoblog