Better Business Blogging by David Gadarian

Better Business Blogging by David Gadarian

I’m very happy to announce the official release of my new book “Better Business Blogging.”

The book is officially available for download through the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. Ultimately I chose to partner with Amazon on an exclusive basis for the launch of the book for a variety of factors but the key ones were trust in their marketplace and the ability to access a wide number of readers across a variety of platforms (here is a link to the free Kindle reading apps provided by Amazon for platforms like the iPhone, Droid and even Windows desktops!)

I wrote the book, which has been heavily informed by my work with a wide variety of clients operating from a number of distinct business fields, to help provide business owners with a broader framework by which they can better understand, appreciate and ultimately act towards to help them with their business blogging efforts.

So far the very early reception has been exceptionally positive – here is one review that the book has received :

An excellent manual for the small businessperson who wants to enhance his or her online presence through blogging. Gadarian, a successful cyber-marketing consultant, takes the reader step-by-step through the process of creating, maintaining and marketing a business blog. As a writer-producer with a production company website, I particularly appreciated the emphasis on story and personality as the building blocks of a successful blog.

Ultimately the goal with Better Business Blogging is focused on provided readers with the capacity to think more effectively about how to blog, and as they advance their efforts to also appreciate how to evolve their blogging efforts over time to align with shifting realities.

In addition the book also has a series of worksheets to help readers further develop and refine their own efforts and I have also created distinct discussion pages for each chapter of the book right here on the Gadarian Digital site – Better Business Blogging Discussion Pages.

About the Approach to Better Business Blogging:

When writing the book I had a very intentional desire to continue to iterate over time. And this is where the discussion pages start to become really interesting as I’m hoping that with READER involvement I’ll begin to gain even more insights into your needs and as a result I’ll have opportunity to over time continue to make Better Business Blogging an even more effective resource for businesses to aide them in their blogging efforts.

Writing the book was a great experience and provided me with a wonderful opportunity to really explore and refine some of my own methods. Even more so the book has provided me with a great avenue to connect with you – fellow business owners!

Here’s to a very successful business blog in 2013!