It is with great excitement that I am announcing the launch of the Better Business Blogging e-Series!

The series came together as a result of years of actively coaching, consulting and rendering blogging services for our client base and in the series we cover a wide range of what we believe to be the MOST critical aspects necessary to create and sustain a meaningful business blog geared towards driving business success.

Key Facts:

BBB-Hero-Shot-FlatHow Much Does it Cost? Nothing – the entire series is free.
How Long is the Series? Right now it is running 40 days from the first email in the series to the last one.
How Many Emails is it? Right now the series consists of roughly 18 emails
What Should You Expect? The series is focused on a wide range of posts covering all the core areas that we’ve found to be both most fruitful and also most often lacking – the stuff the gurus tend to gloss over because thinking about some of this stuff is complicated and often introduces a ton of questions…. In addition the series also features some worksheets to help you drive more fully towards better outcomes.
What Do You Get? Ideally what I am hoping you get is a better way to blog for your business that is focused on introducing milestones that are relevant to your business and results that are directly tied to the success of your business.

Separating Facts from Fantasy

Too often we were finding that our new clients were filled with garbage “get rich quick” information that was focused on trying to pretend that running a successful business blog was a simple endeavor that required minimal effort, some basic out of the box keyword manipulation and the ability to hit publish.

The reality, is far more complex and requires dedication, hard work, strategic thinking and the ability to evolve over time – and this series should get every business owner and blogging stake-holder well on their way.

Business Blogging Go Time!

So… hopefully you are ready to take the next step and sign up for the free Better Business Blogging e-Series – we’d love to have you on board and don’t worry – there are no surprises – the series is really FREE and at the conclusion of the series if you elect to unsubscribe to our newsletter simply put, we’ll stop sending you emails.

To your journey!

David Gadarian