Today I had a very nice surprise as one of my tweets inspired someone whom I respect a great deal to write a blog post on their site.

#pleasestop I seem to be attracting a run of new followers who are young attractive and who have no profile descriptions…less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

While I like to believe I am a pretty interesting person, the notion that a bunch of very young, attractive women would suddenly be following me did not ring as authentic. I do appreciate the value of new followers, and while not a “back-breaker”, I also know that these faux followers are not a help for my brand. The truth is this rash of new followers had in effect made my own presence on Twitter appear to be a bit less than what I would hope a potential new follower might feel about me, my business and frankly my approach on social.

That said, later today I saw this Tweet out there from @Bonifer, also known as Mike Bonifer, the owner of a company called Game Changers.

Thanks to @davidgadarian for calling out the Twitter Girls ‘Un-Game’ #gamechangersless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

As you can see, Mike took my Tweet and wrote a very insightful post on it. Interestingly enough, these followers are now no longer following me. That could have been a result of them having read my Tweet or even Mike’s post, but more likely this is as a result of my not having followed them back. In any event, in case you were to check my Tweet stream I just wanted to wrap that point up.

I’ve had opportunity to talk with Mike in the past, and he has some very interesting ideas on things. He has spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the use of improvisation in business which I actually wrote about a while back I even posted an interview I did with Mike here on Gadarian Digital. If you have not read any of his stuff I’d strongly suggest doing so as it will likely expose you to some new and interesting horizons.

I’ll let Mike’s words speak for themselves, but again I do think he brought some nice additional context to the conversation. I’d also be lying if I didn’t share with you that this was an awesome way for me to be heading into next week. Frankly, I’m flattered. Thanks again Mike!