A few months back I joined a website called About.me which at the time was in ‘beta’ mode. I was interested in this company because I am interested in these kinds of things, but truthfully at the time I had a hard time seeing the value in it. Today, I feel differently.

If you want to check me out here is my About.me profile.

The service is pretty straight forward – a single place to create a page about you. Do you need another page about you? Well, maybe.

Yesterday About.me was purchased by AOL for an undisclosed amount of money, so naturally I went back and checked out my profile. It had been a while since I’d been back to see me…. and a few things changed.

One, I can now add links directly into my profile.

Two, there are stats available. Sadly, it appears my profile is not being heavily trafficked.

Three, and this is where the site got sticky for me, the site now offers both a directory and also the ability to randomly scroll through and see other users. Much like the way I enjoy StumbleUpon, now I can do a similar thing for people. 20 minutes of your life well spent, and I’d be hard pressed to believe after doing so you too won’t be setting up a profile.

Four, having no been purchased by AOL you can be pretty sure their development pipeline is going to ramp up dramatically. Then again, AOL is the same company that purchased Bebo so who knows what that means…

Lastly, you might want to set up a profile just to ‘protect’ your own name… in case you are concerned about things like that.

So, go ahead and take a look at me over at About Me, and if you do end up setting up a profile you can also post a link to it here.