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A Quick Recap of 2013 for Our Firm

Hard to believe we’re at the end of the year. But we are! Over here at Gadarian Digital we spent the first half of the year very focused on client work and the second half of the year we’ve devoted a fair amount of bandwidth facing inward. We recently relaunched our website, we have been busily crafted a few new lead generation avenues (don’t worry – I will be sharing some behind the curtain details in 2014), and we’ve also been busy fine tuning a few new skills to add to our toolbox.

Most importantly, we spent the second half of 2013 really attempting to codify the entire concept of Digital Identity Management – this should be a big one for 2014.

Another element we’ve been developing is the concept of formal playbooks for specific practice areas like launching a new website (this is more a technical checklist), Google AdWords campaigns, landing pages, newsletters and even a specific playbook devoted exclusively to promoting Digital Identity Management.

All in all, 2013 has been a very interesting year and in part we’ve spent a good deal of this year looking forward. The entire process has been nothing short of transformative, and we were very fortunate to be able to rely on a group of trusted advisers and advocates to help us in our efforts.

Orientation and 2014

Curiosity is a big part of our DNA here at Gadarian Digital – or perhaps it is more about us just needing to feel completely in control and understand everything (Note to self… remember to breathe deeply…).

The truth is we like to use our curiosity as a great excuse to encourage our own professional development. A great example is the survey we recently ran where in one regard we determined we’d like to run a survey which required a technical solution, but beyond that we spent hours exploring the world of surveys – looking at things like question formatting, survey goals, survey length and survey reporting – it was great, and now we can confidently talk about surveys at a level way beyond where we were before we decided to dig a little deeper.

And we do this pretty much as often as we can. One thing we w are going to do a little differently in 2014 is we are going to talk about it a bit more. We are going to explore the process of learning, and we are also going to share with you our very specific observations in terms of solutioning for these issues.

Beyond that, we are also likely going to create a monthly report outlining the things we did over the past month – it should be a really fun report and hopefully if we can maintain the discipline on this, over the course of the year thread should be a really interesting repository of “things”, “ideas” and “solutions”.

For 2014 we also have very specific goals for our client profile and we are looking forward to really diving deep and also to sharing many of our experiences as we begin to broaden our own horizons.


And it would not be a complete year end / year forward without acknowledging you! Thank you to all our clients and to our readers for everything. You inspire us. You motivate us. You make us the firm that we are and we greatly appreciate you inviting us into your lives.

Photo Credit – http://www.flickr.com/photos/mnsc/1053024318 – PS – did you know that 2014 is the year of the horse!