I make my living working online. More specifically I make my living helping others manage what they do online; that includes things like social media, newsletters, overall digital presence and of course helping people build their most important online asset – their website! A big part of my life is focused on finding great solutions to hard problems that enable my clients to focus more on their objectives rather than overcoming obstacles. In fact, this is a large part of what people pay me for.

Headway ThemeWhen it comes to building a new website there are many options to build on but for me, I always steer my clients to WordPress in large part because not only is this open source (free to use) product fantastic (great technology + an amazing community = big win for user), I also happen to be pretty good at using WordPress so for me and my clients, WordPress is a great solution in large part because as their advocate, I am very able to remove many “obstacles” quickly, which allows us to focus more on objectives.

Not only is WordPress an amazing publishing platform, but there is also a very wonderful ecosystem surrounding WordPress with the ability to use both Free and Premium (paid) Themes (and Plugins) to help provide added functionality and usability to the basic WordPress installation. I’ve used a number of great premium themes on client projects and I have even been invited to publicly demo some themes at the Boston WordPress Group.

Beyond the demos and my own usage experiences I have also done a ton of research on my own – this is a big part of what goes in to how I “earn” a living – doing the homework and really knowing that I can deliver good solutions.

At the end, I built my site the Headway Theme * so here are 10 Reasons to Purchase the Premium WordPress Theme Headway Right NOW!

1) Headway 3.0. is About to Be Released. The latest version of Headway is about to come out and it looks nothing short of AWESOME. In fact, if you have a developer license you can now preview the first beta version of 3.0. If not, go ahead and check out this video to see what some of 3.0 looks like for yourself.

2) Fantastic Support. With every premium theme a big component of using that theme is the the support. We all get tripped up and having great support is the difference between wanting to pull your hair out and having that smug look of satisfaction after managing to accomplish something that you otherwise thought would lead you to want to pull your hair out. The support here is great. (That said, you can also find great support on a number of other premium themes as well.)  When it comes to premium themes you should expect nothing short of great support, and the Headway Team delivers.

3) A Great team committed to providing an amazing product. The Headway Team is in it for the long haul and they really are serious about delivering an amazing product. You can see this in evidence in how they run their own business, how they handle support requests and of course how they are constantly pushing their product forward rather than resting on their “what they did last month.”  There was a ton of buzz around Headway 1.X, and then they put out version 2.X and they really took it to another level.  With version 3.X you have real proof that this team is committed to consistently creating a great product.

4) New Pricing Model Coming Out with Headway 3.0. If you spend any time reading about marketing you know that a sense of urgency is a big topic. In this case, the sense of urgency to purchase now rather than waiting for Headway 3.0 is released is very real as with the release of 3.0 Headway is going to use a new pricing model that is subscription based rather than their current pricing model which entitles all users, at whatever level they current are (single use or developer) to receive lifetime upgrades and lifetime access to the support forum. If you have a 2.X or earlier license you will be grandfathered in at the lifetime upgrade level.

Grant Griffiths of Headway Commenting on Pricing for 3.0

Beyond that, the truth is if you are thinking you’d like to build your next site yourself, I’m pretty sure at some point you will say to yourself, “you know… there is also another site that I’ve been thinking about building…”.  Trust me I’ve been there.  Personally I do not advocate spending money for no reason, but in this case, if asked I would push you towards the developer license over the single use.  Once you get the hang of it and see what you can do with Headway you’ll be much more likely to want to take another swing.

5) Great “out of the box”, but even better “in the box”. This one is a little tricky, but the truth is, if you have never built a website, or if you have never built a website with WordPress you are going to have a learning curve. The same applies to the use of a premium theme. But I will say that while Headway 1.X and 2.X required some learning and adjusting, that same learning curve is applicable to whatever you try to do online. That said, “out of the box” it is very intuitive, and again, version 3.X looks even more amazing than the groundbreaking efforts of 2.X, but once you get inside and dig a little deeper, you quickly see that the Headway team is really focused on providing the absolute best when it comes to website building:

  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Very easy ability to customize pages – and unlimited customized pages (if you are using any other theme you can probably realize how BIG this is).
  • Drag and Drop (this alone was probably Headway’s biggest single differentiator – again with Headway 3.0 they have once again both moved the bar up and but they also seem to again be setting it.

Said another way, the more you use Headway, the more you will appreciate how impressive it is.  Here is a recent post on the Headway Blog that expands on this a bit further.

6) Safety, Security, Speed and SEO.  Now I know these 4 don’t normally go together, but they all do begin with the letter “S”,I’m running long and they are all important.

One of the great benefits of choosing a Premium WordPress Theme over a Free WordPress Theme is there is virtually no likelihood that any malicious code will be there.  Why people need to create malicious code is an entirely different question, but the truth is people do, and one place that malicious code can be hidden is in Free Theme.  I am not trying to be an alarmist here, and of course there are some great Free WordPress Themes out there, but when it comes to your business you want to get this right.

The speed factor is something that every theme is currently touting as being “blazing fast” – I’m not an expert on site speeds, but I happen to tinker way too often with my site and the load speed has always been reliable.

Regarding SEO, if that is your main interest, they have baked in a very strong SEO package and SEO has consistently been a big selling point for Headway.

7) Father and son team. Now I don’t know about everyone else, but this matters to me.

8 ) It’s what I use.  For most of my clients, my role tends to be focused on the strategy, the wire framing and ultimately on project management.  That said, it is extremely important that when I work with developers I am able to competently communicate with them which in large part means I need to know how to build websites.  That meant it was important that when it was time to build my own website, that I was the one who built it.  After a great deal of research and real life experience I have chosen to build my own site, the one which promotes my own business using Headway.  It has been a great decision and one that I have never had any regrets for making.

9) Very easy to use.   I am of the belief that the hardest work when putting together your website should be happening well before you actually go in and start the actual build.  What to build, how to build it, why to build X versus Y and of course how to put it all together are of critical importance.  That is why when you are ready to move past your Digital Road Map it is important that how you choose to build your site actually works in your favor rather being a hindrance.  I’ll say it again, of all the choices you can make, in my humble opinion, Headway is among the easiest WordPress solutions.  In fact 3.0 appears to make that even more the case.

10) Build the site you always wanted to.  What can I say.  I am a dreamer and I am sure you are too.  With the flexibility that Headway offers, you really do have an opportunity to create something really special, something that you will be very proud of, and most importantly a site that will represent your business in a first rate manner.  Go for it.

And there you have it, 10 Reasons to purchase Headway Right Now.  Actually, 9 of the reasons to purchase apply to no matter what version of Headway you might purchase,  (the exception being Point #4 which really is timely).  I’m a big fan of this Theme and this Team; I’m sure you will be too.

That said, I hope you make the plunge, but as with all things in digital, it is always advisable to do your own homework and come to your own conclusions.  In case you didn’t gather by now, I’m a big believer in research…


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* Please note that I have included affiliate links in this post. What that means is that should you ultimately elect to make a purchase by clicking through on one of my affiliate links, I will potentially receive a portion of that sale. That said, it is not my practice to endorse products that I do not believe in.