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Business Blogging Segmentation

Continuing with our ongoing series on the benefits of business blogging, another great benefit of business blogging is that an effective blog allows your business a great opportunity to segment your message.

Segmenting Your Blog Posts Explained

audience segmentationThe basic premise behind segmentation of your blog posts is that you will be creating specific blog posts intended to connect with specific types of buyers.  These buyers can be sorted in any way that makes sense for your business but some examples might be by demographics (sex, income, age…) by seasonal needs (holidays, summer, back to school…) or even by psychographics (where they might be in your business purchase funnel, their own headspace, lifestyle choices…). Click to Continue…

Nuturing A Succesful Business Blogging Framework & Framework Diagram

Business blogging is a real stakes proposition. There are real costs. There is real risk. And there are also real opportunities.  And success is by no means guaranteed. The truth is this entire business blogging “machine” can quickly overwhelm a person. It can also overwhelm an organization and even a multi-national corporation. It can sprawl.… Click to Continue…

33 Digital Ways to Differentiate Your Consulting Practice

One big challenge that most every consulting practice faces is the ability to differentiate.

While it might seem like there are many similar consulting practices, you know that your practice is superior in many ways. But how as a consultant can you make sure your differences are clear to the interested outsider?

It might be as simple as the people. Or maybe its the process. Perhaps it is all about your approach. Relationships. Results. Vision. And you get the idea. While a group of competing consulting firms might all “do the same thing” the reality is there are many great reasons why a prospective client should chose your firm instead of another.
Differentiate Your Consulting Practice Click to Continue…

10 Reasons Why Every Consultant Needs to Blog

Consultants BloggingConsulting is a true “idea” driven business, and it is important to recognize that a big piece of being an “idea” driven business is focused on being able to articulate the value that your practice brings to specific issues.

Idea Driven Business: We define an idea driven business as being able to collect fees for a specific idea derivative service. Every consultant fits inside of this box regardless of the specifics of their practice. (Definition courtesy of Gadarian Digital)

Blog: A blog is defined as a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. (Definition courtesy of Google Search)

Ergo… if you are involved in an idea driven business, which a consulting effort clearly is, the necessity of being able to convey your ideas is critical, and while not the sole vehicle for doing so, a business blog is certainly a compelling way to do so.

So without further ado (by the way I have no idea why I’m using words like ergo and ado, but I’ll stop doing that for the remainder of the post!) here we go – 9 Reasons Why Every Consultant Needs to Blog. Click to Continue…