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YouTube Trends as A Blogging Resource


YouTube Trends LogoOne effective strategy when putting together your blog posts is to incorporate what is "hot right now" on the internet and while I know that YouTube has always had a way to sort views by "Most Viewed/Comment/Shared" it appears that the second largest search engine (that's right - YouTube is #2 right behind Google) has also started to roll out a few updates on how to find content that is popular right now.

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A Tweet That Motivated Another Blogger to Post About “Un-Game” Behavior


Today I had a very nice surprise as one of my tweets inspired someone whom I respect a great deal to write a blog post on their site.

#pleasestop I seem to be attracting a run of new followers who are young attractive and who have no profile descriptions...less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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Big Brand Ideas for Small Business Marketing


Nike-Billboard-Ad-CampaignBig brands deliver phenomenal marketing messages, particularly for consumer products such as sneakers, movies and more recently smart phones, but that high level marketing treatment is not an exclusive approach reserved only for the multi-nationals. No matter what the size of your company,YOUR BRAND deserve nothing less in terms of how you approach your marketing. Truthfully, as a small business you can afford nothing less BUT you need to find your edge.

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