Using Bing for Social Media Monitoring


While I know that Google tends to get the bulk of mindshare when it comes to search, here is a little power tip to help you with your social media monitoring: bing.com/social What can I say other than it is pretty impressive in terms of how well Bing does for both Facebook and Twitter.

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How To: Placing Your Social Sharing Buttons On Your WordPress Blog Page


The past few months have been a real exciting time for social sharing! The big players are all working hard to get your love, and with the increased heat, the value proposition has been climbing up. One piece of the puzzle that can be a challenge is the ability to place your social sharing buttons on both your single posts and your blog page and still have those buttons tracks the number of shares. In this post I will outline how to do it along with providing some of the code for social sharing buttons on your WordPress site. Social sharing buttons are a great way to encourage your readers to not only share your content, but these buttons can also work as great signals to your readers by providing "social proof" for each post, which in turn should encourage more of your site visitors to read your posts.

Social Sharing Buttons on Gadarian Digital

The Social Sharing Buttons Below Our Titles on Gadarian Digital

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The 8 Most Important Social Media Buttons for Your Site


two children sharingThere is a ton of activity surrounding the space of social media right now, and with good reason – these platforms provide great opportunity to take your viral allowing your brand to spread. Here is a breakdown of the eight most important social media and social sharing buttons that are out there today along with a few reasons why each of them might be right for you.

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Where to Place Social Media Button On Your Site


Over the past few weeks social media buttons have been big news! For those of you not familiar with the term, social media buttons are those little icons that are all over blogs today encouraging visitors to do things like "Tweet" or "Like" or most recently to "+1". The next Facebook killer is always "around the corner" but for most of us, our business deals with today and not the future so the parlor games don't mean as much - in fact we just want the low down skinny on what exactly we should be doing on our blogs in order to get the best ROI (or maybe a better term might be ROS - "Return on Space"). Hopefully this post will help answer that for you!

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Custom Facebook Pages for New York Times Best Selling Author Terri Cheney


We recently had the privilege to work with New York Times best selling author Terri Cheney during the launch of her second novel "The Dark Side of Innocence." Terri came to us with a very specific mandate - her publisher at Simon & Schuster told her that with the launch of her book she needed to be on Facebook. We built out a number of custom tabs to promote Terri, as well as both of her books and we also provided some coaching services specifically geared toward using Facebook. It has been really nice to watch Terri develop on this space and to see how engaged her audience on Facebook is with her. (Click images to enlarge)

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Facebook Pictures on Your Page


About 10 days ago Facebook announced a major release regarding Pages. As you can imagine, that has been big news for me. Overall I'm very happy with what they've done and perhaps I'll make a separate post about it down the road. But one of the big changes is that much like in your personal profile, with your Facebook Page there is now a strip of photos above your wall.

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Facebook Measurement


ROI is a common refrain in social media - Return on Investment, or bluntly, is this activity worth my money and/or time? You hear talk about this all the time and so you should. Unlike your personal life where your motivations are considerably different, in business it is about making money. Specifically with Facebook there are some many opportunities to connect with your audience, to engage your customers and to solicit feedback but a big question is always what do these Facebook relationships actually mean in terms of your business.

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