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10 Ways to Leverage Your Business Blog in the Offline World

Leveraging Your Blog Offline

In addition to using your business blog to participate in online opportunities, too often business owners develop a narrow vision and neglect to use their blog (and their entire website) to leverage offline opportunities. In this post we’re going to share 10 Ways to Leverage Your Business Blog in the Offline World to provide you with added value from your blogging efforts. Click to Continue…

Using Experimentation In Your Business Blog

Business Blogging Experimentation

Adding Experimentation to Your Business Blog

Experimentation in your business blog is one of many strategies you can look to utilize – and what is so great about this particular idea is that you can use it alongside other ideas as well.

At the basic level what we are talking about is literally trying new things. Some thing work. Some don’t. Do more of what works and less of what does not.

Easier said than done… Blog Experimentation can be challenging on many levels, but one of the biggest challenges tends to revolve a the fact that you are literally trying out new ideas, some of which can literally drill down to the very core of your business. Click to Continue…

Business Blogging Segmentation

Continuing with our ongoing series on the benefits of business blogging, another great benefit of business blogging is that an effective blog allows your business a great opportunity to segment your message.

Segmenting Your Blog Posts Explained

audience segmentationThe basic premise behind segmentation of your blog posts is that you will be creating specific blog posts intended to connect with specific types of buyers.  These buyers can be sorted in any way that makes sense for your business but some examples might be by demographics (sex, income, age…) by seasonal needs (holidays, summer, back to school…) or even by psychographics (where they might be in your business purchase funnel, their own headspace, lifestyle choices…). Click to Continue…

Download Our Free Business Blogging Expertise Worksheet

Following up on our post Display Your Expertise on Business Blog (if you haven’t yet read this post we strongly recommend reviewing it before starting in with this worksheet) we created this Business Blogging Expertise Worksheet to help provide some guidance and some added direction as you begin to explore his area. The worksheet explores three distinct… Click to Continue…

Display Your Expertise on Your Business Blog


The Value of Being An Expert

Consumers like to do business with experts. The truth is they’ll even pay a premium for the ability to do so.  This is true for either B2B or B2C.

You on the other hand, as a business owner or stakeholder are an expert. And you want to connect with consumers, especially consumers that would like to do business with an expert. Click to Continue…

Business Blogging Storytelling Worksheet


Assuming you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that a big value is placed on storytelling. If you are not familiar with Gadarian Digital feel free to read about my background and you’ll see – storytelling has had a big role in my life for a long time.

Or maybe you had an opportunity to ready our post titled “Telling Your Business Story Through Blogging” (which by the way, if you haven’t read yet you might want to).

And building on these ideas we created a worksheet to help put some structure around the process and to give you a nice jumping off point.

Click to Continue…