Fiber Optic Contractor Website Launched

We recently were brought on board to launch a new website for Icon Connections Inc., a fiber optics contractor serving the New England Area.

Fortunately the client had some very clear ideas about what their design goals were and we were able to take their initial requests and in relatively short order we had a new website up for them (I recall it taking about 2 weeks).

Icon Connections Inc Home Page

The home page is very clean, and we elected to utilize a nice hero shot (at the top) and then to focus on a mix of copy, images and white space to continue to deliver a very easy web experience that conveys competency and care for details.

As we travel further into the site, we followed the same basic flow with the use of some hero text and a hero image at the top as well as nice use of very clean and readable text to continue to support the larger business objectives.

Icon Connections Inc Services Page

Please visit to see the live version of this site.

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David Gadarian
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