Custom Facebook Page with Multiple Locations

Custom Facebook Page with Multiple Locations

We recently completed a custom Facebook Page for a business with multiple locations. Ultimately we wanted to keep it fairly simple in order to make the locations stand out as possible while still allowing for a few other details to shine through. The service we use at Gadarian Digital to build our Facebook apps, including the one we feature in this post is Shortstack * (more on this below.)

Oddly one thing we encountered that we did not expect was that Facebook does not have an easy solution for the scenario of a business with multiple locations. One approach is to create multiple Facebook Pages but for many businesses that is not a great solution. I should also mention that as I was researching a solution I heard rumblings that this might one day change, but for now what we did was create a custom Facebook Page that included maps to their multiple locations.

Case in point – Scafidi & Juliano Attorneys at Law is a Boston area law firm and for them, the need for multiple pages would dilute their brand and would also likely leave many of their customers confused as to which Facebook Page was the one they were actually interested in. Multiple Facebook Pages in their case would also introduce a page management challenge – they don’t really need multiple Facebook Pages, but rather one really solid one that does everything they need.

So here is what we ended up creating. We created a custom Facebook Page with multiple locations, all of this one one tab! If you actually click through on the image you’ll see that each of the maps is actually being pulled directly from Google Maps.

Scafidi Juliano FB Page

If you are interested in something similar for your business please take a look at our Custom Social Media Profiles page to learn more, or if you really feel the need to create it yourself, we put this particular tab together utilizing a service called Shortstack which allows you to create really great Facebook Pages and even contests. You can create really great Facebook Pages (including Facebook Pages with Multiple Locations, contests, mobile and they also have a great integration with MailChimp (our preferred email newsletter provider.)

* This is an affiliate link – meaning that we get paid if you end up purchasing a plan with them (they also offer some free for life starter plans) but we wouldn’t recommend this product if we didn’t think it was great.



  1. John October 17, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Hey David,

    nice work!
    I am searching for a smilar solution. I’d like to have one business site with multiple locations in which customers are able to check in. Is that possible in your solution or do you have any idea how it can be done?


    • David Gadarian October 18, 2013 at 10:18 am

      Thanks for stopping by John!

      Shortstack will handle that (links in the article) – they have a free plan depending on how many fans you have.

      Here are a few client samples I’ve put together:

      If you’d like to reach out to me directly we can talk about me putting it together for you as well.

      Good luck. If you do end up backing your own feel free to post a link here.



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