Chicken Soup for the Blog

Chicken Soup for the Blog

20 quick self improvement tips to help your blog feel better.

Blogging is not easy. Sometimes just “getting out of bed” is hard enough. So here are a few easy to access ideas that to help bring some fresh love to your blog.

1) Blog more often.
2) Blog less often.
3) Blog deeper. Don’t worry there won’t be another item saying blog shallower. The internet is crowded and shallow posts will not add value.
4) Utilize images to help generate emotion.
5) Go deeper and utilize video in your blog.
6) Take a position on something.
7) Go negative. Take an extreme position on something. I personally don’t do not do this on my site… but I have seen some bloggers really hit it out of the park with this strategy. Something about controversy selling.
8) Go positive. Being a raving fan of something can speak volumes about you.
9) Tell a personal story.
10) Be honest.
11) Stretch. Write that post you have been playing around with for way too long. Discover something new about your space and blog about it. This goes along the lines of going deeper.
12) Remember blogging is not a sprint.
13) Take a break.
14) Find digital inspiration by reading about something completely not related to what you blog about.
15) Stay motivated.
16) Be practical.
17) Appreciate that not every post is intended to redefine your entire company.
18) Each post is meant to contribute to a larger story – that is what blogging is all about!
19) Experiment. You will thank yourself for it latter.
20) Give yourself permission to have fun with it.

Feel free to add additional ideas in the comments section below!



  1. annedreshfield July 17, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Great list, David! All very true, as well. The last one is particularly important. Blogging loses its appeal when it’s not fun anymore. You won’t be inspired to write! 

    • Gadarian July 18, 2012 at 7:58 am

      annedreshfield Thanks Anne.  I’ve found that in particular “stretching” (#11) has been a great chicken soup remedy for my blog during those periods where I’m just not feeling it as strongly.  

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