WDYL (What Do You Love) from Google Mini Review


Hidden among all those great nuggets from "the Summer of Google" has been this new service that I found by accident, and I can't even get back to called "What do you love?" which I guess can best be desribed as a search engine mahsup. It really is one of those things that you have to see to understand but this is a highly visual approach to search. What do you love? from Google

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Video Capture Software Review: Jing and Screenr


I regularly have to make screen/video captures in the course of my day, and a service that I currently use for this is Jing. My best case use for this is to create a video tutorial or a detailed screen grab for a client - need to see how to create a new admin for a Facebook Page? No problem, I can whip up a quick 30 second video showing my client exactly how to do that. The end use for an application like this is great - I'm happy, and more importantly my client is happy. Of course having the ability to create a very nice video to embed on a website is also a nice plus! So, I recently became aware of another service that also offers up the ability to do a video capture, Screenr, and as I like to do, this became a great opportunity to review my own work flow process.

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Video Book Review of Real Time Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott


I recently had the opportunity to read "Real Time Marketing & PR" by David Meerman Scott which I found to be very compelling. I've put together this little video review to share some of my thoughts on the book, which I do recommend. Go ahead and click on the picture to get the show rolling...

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Namechk Review


I just discovered this site, NameChk that allows you to search through a ton of social and online networks and see if your name or brand has already been taken. (Hat Tip to Mashable) for this one.

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