Business Blogging Segmentation Worksheets


Following up on our recent post on Business Blogging Segmentation here are a few critical worksheet that you can freely download and use to help craft your business blogging segmentation strategy and approach.

If you’re going to explore a segmentation strategy in earnest it is critical that you have a firm grasp on who you are marketing to.  Our buyer persona worksheet should go a long way in helping you to address this critical issue.  Also – please don’t feel a need to blaze through your buyer persona worksheet – the stakes are extremely high, and the lifetime value you can derive from having a firm understanding of your buyers is immense and extends way beyond your business blog.

With a firm handle on your buyer personas the next step is focused on planning:

And from a plan we now move into action!

As I mentioned in the initial post on this subject, one area that I would keep “top of mind” is the concept that as a business owner you have complete liberty to use your website to explore the viability of new business segments and your business blog provides you with a fantastic and very cost effective way to do so.

Happy segmenting!

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David Gadarian
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