Business Blogging Expertise Worksheet

Following up on our post Display Your Expertise on Business Blog (if you haven’t yet read this post we strongly recommend reviewing it before starting in with this worksheet) we created this Business Blogging Expertise Worksheet to help provide some guidance and some added direction as you begin to explore his area. The worksheet explores three distinctContinue Reading

Display Your Expertise on Your Business Blog


The Value of Being An Expert

Consumers like to do business with experts. The truth is they’ll even pay a premium for the ability to do so.  This is true for either B2B or B2C.

You on the other hand, as a business owner or stakeholder are an expert. And you want to connect with consumers, especially consumers that would like to do business with an expert.Continue Reading

Fiber Optic Contractor Website Launched

We recently were brought on board to launch a new website for Icon Connections Inc., a fiber optics contractor serving the New England Area. Fortunately the client had some very clear ideas about what their design goals were and we were able to take their initial requests and in relatively short order we had aContinue Reading

Adding Personality to Your Business Blog

The Cult of Personality

Adding-Personality-to-Your-BusinessAs a small business owner one of your best marketing assets is YOU!  In the rush to get it done, to feel “modern” and to look “professional” this simple insight is often overlooked. But the fact is people like to do business with other people. And this is where injecting some personality into your business story becomes critical.Continue Reading

Business Blogging Storytelling Worksheet


Assuming you’ve spent any time on this site, you know that a big value is placed on storytelling. If you are not familiar with Gadarian Digital feel free to read about my background and you’ll see – storytelling has had a big role in my life for a long time.

Or maybe you had an opportunity to ready our post titled “Telling Your Business Story Through Blogging” (which by the way, if you haven’t read yet you might want to).

And building on these ideas we created a worksheet to help put some structure around the process and to give you a nice jumping off point.

Continue Reading

Telling Your Business Story Through Blogging

The Importance of Story

Using Your Blog to Tell A Story

Often when considering business blogging one objective that is neglected is the importance of story telling. Every business, no matter what it is, has a story to tell.

Story is so critical both in how companies define themselves and even more so in how your customers and your potential customers grasp your business.Continue Reading

Nurturing A Successful Business Blogging Framework

Business blogging is a real stakes proposition. There are real costs. There is real risk. And there are also real opportunities.  And success is by no means guaranteed. The truth is this entire business blogging “machine” can quickly overwhelm a person. It can also overwhelm an organization and even a multi-national corporation. It can sprawl.Continue Reading

Not Enough

Everyday after school I get this communication lesson:

Me: How was your day?

My Daughter: Fine.

A few moons ago... Continue Reading

The Power of Email Marketing – MetroWest Marketing Group MeetUp on March 5, 2014

MWM-Logo-300Please join us at the next MetroWest Marketing Group MeetUp (organized by Gadarian Digital). We are going to be featuring a presentation on email newsletter marketing – “The Power of Email Marketing“. This event is being held on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 @ 6:30 – at the Microsoft Store in the Natick Mall.

And to add a little extra to this mix I am very pleased to say that Boston based newsletter provider Constant Contact has lined up a speaker for us in the form of one of their local experts.Continue Reading

33 Digital Ways to Differentiate Your Consulting Practice

One big challenge that most every consulting practice faces is the ability to differentiate.

While it might seem like there are many similar consulting practices, you know that your practice is superior in many ways. But how as a consultant can you make sure your differences are clear to the interested outsider?

It might be as simple as the people. Or maybe its the process. Perhaps it is all about your approach. Relationships. Results. Vision. And you get the idea. While a group of competing consulting firms might all “do the same thing” the reality is there are many great reasons why a prospective client should chose your firm instead of another.
Differentiate Your Consulting PracticeContinue Reading