Connected Marketing

connected marketing opportunity
“Connected Marketing” can have so many different meanings depending on who is making the statement.  In the context of digital, both of these words on their own are experiencing a pretty heavy evolution with a ton of fluidity around each of them.  Together these two words, connected marketing, seem to represent what I might argue is the bleeding edge of what digital marketing has to offer both for the end user and for the business unit. Click to Continue…

What the Sony Interview Hack Means for Digital Marketing

The-Interview-780x390We live in an interconnected world where data is constantly co-mingling with messaging.  It all sounds great as long as everyone is a good actor.  Unfortunately in our “new normal” we are quickly learning that data management has far reaching implications that can extend far beyond the initial intent of the data.

The Sony “Interview” hack is a classic example of this. If you’d like a timeline here is a pretty decent one created by Deadline Hollywood.  In addition if you’d like to go a little deeper you can read all about it from the Hollywood Reporter using their subject search function.

So here are some new rules…. Click to Continue…


New Beginnings with Dassault Systèmes. Gadarian Digital Closing Down

Logo_Dassault_SystemesI am pleased to share with everyone that I recently accepted a position as the new Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager – North America for Dassault Systèmes (more on this below).

What Next for Gadarian Digital?

The material impact for Gadarian Digital is that my company ceases to exist.  I’ve been extremely fortunate in that through my work here at Gadarian Digital I have been afforded so many wonderful opportunities to work with and to be inspired by so many people, both clients and colleagues and I look forward to maintaining many of these relationships for years to come.  That said, this was not an easy decision – but after 5 plus years of running my own company I felt confident that I was ready to begin to embrace new challenges. Click to Continue…

10 Ways to Leverage Your Business Blog in the Offline World

Leveraging Your Blog Offline

In addition to using your business blog to participate in online opportunities, too often business owners develop a narrow vision and neglect to use their blog (and their entire website) to leverage offline opportunities. In this post we’re going to share 10 Ways to Leverage Your Business Blog in the Offline World to provide you with added value from your blogging efforts. Click to Continue…

Marketing Your Business by Blogging

Marketing with Your BlogContinuing with our ongoing series on Better Business Blogging, another great entry point for every business blog is a focus on marketing.

Other concepts we have already reviewed such as injecting personality, conveying authority, and blogging with SEO in mind all have a large impact on your overall marketing approach. These ideas in some ways contribute to your marketing efforts. But these ideas also have distinct capacities that warrant individual considerations of each.

That said, it is also important to recognize the process of marketing as a wholly distinct discipline and framework by which you can also integrate your other efforts. Click to Continue…